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In 2015 I received a powerful tool for my healing jouney. And now, after much research and as a doTERRA wellness advocate, I get to share these incredible benefits that essential oils can have on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That's why I'm excited to offer you this free guide to detoxing your life to help you discover the power of essential oils for yourself!

In this guide, you'll learn:

What essential oils are and how they work

All-natural options for us to keep your home free of chemicals & toxins

What toxins are lurking in your home

Most popular essential oils for cleaning

Simple DIY recipes for natural cleaning and personal care

3 best things about doTERRA essential oils


- Benefits without nasty side effects.

- Extracts from plants with amazing health benefits.

- CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade®. Pure & potent.


- An effective way to address the root cause of health problems.

- Essential oils permeate the cell membrane.


- Pennies per dose.

- Save money with natural solutions

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What My Team Is Saying...

Essential oils have become a huge part of my daily life thanks to Brigitte Rossi. I have used them in the past by diffusing them and some topically but it was few and far between. It wasn't until speaking with Brigitte that I realized how much I needed this Holistic alternative to OTC and even prescription meds. She helped open my eyes to a whole new world and I haven't looked back since. For about 2.5 years now I have slowly integrated oils in every part of my life including family and work.

We have been Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and benadryl free for over a year now. We use oils for cuts and scrapes, sore muscles, and even colds and viruses.

Being a Holistic Esthetician, I have also incorporated the use of EO in my treatment room services and practice. It's the power of plants and herbs that amazes me!

With Brigitte's help, guidance, and support my family has grown to be dependent on a more Holistic way of living through Doterra's EO.

The quality of Doterra is what I love best. I had questions about other EO brands but Brigitte was able to help me understand how and why Doterra is truly the best.

Her knowledge in alternative Healthcare is a blessing to have and I'm grateful to have Brigitte as my go to person for advice and help.

I am in love with these oils! I was having a panic attack starting and it was gone in like 30 seconds. I couldn't believe it!

I had the best experience with Dr. B! I felt seen and heard, I felt supported and loved and am so excited to be using natural products to help me reach my health goals.

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